The Last Supper

A while ago I heard an interview with Alicia Silverstone. She was talking about becoming a vegan. After she and her husband made the decision to change their diet they bought a huge steak and had a last, meaty meal. I remember that I thought this sounded pretty ridiculous. Now I start to understand…

You could think we are leaving the modern world and are going to spend the next 40 (make that 400) days in the desert with only a cup of water a day. That’s how we, and I have to say especially my dear husband, are acting today. It seems like we have to make sure we eat enough junk food today so that we can store it for the remainder of our upcoming journey. Which means we have to order pizza with sausage and double cheese. Seriously. Ken put that on the meal plan three weeks ago. We haven’t ordered pizza in ages and the very few times we did it was for a good reason; e.g. after painting the house and nobody wanted to move even one little finger to make dinner. But today we need to have it. Because who knows when these 40 (=400) days are going to be over…

And next to the pizza there is yogurt in the making, homemade granola in the oven and bread in the bread maker.

 Ahhhhhhh, the irony of transitions….

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