And So It Begins

Unspectacular. I have to say. I even waited to write this post until the morning to see if something “appropriate” for the beginning of our fast would happen. It didn’t. We ate good and healthy food. We had a good day. We didn’t really miss anything.

It makes me think about how most things really start very quietly. It makes me think of when I met my husband for the first time. We were standing at the copier. I sure didn’t see at that moment that we would be married a year later. It makes me look back on giving birth. It started quietly, it even slowed down. But it for sure changed the pace very quickly. Not that I expect any fast to have even a slight comparison to finding your soul mate or giving birth, but it just reminds me that things go a certain way. A way we don’t get to choose. Just wait and see.

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