It’s funny how this often goes. You are waiting for something. You check often. After a while, you start to forget about it. And all the sudden it’s there:

Marta’s first tooth came out today! Two weeks ago we started wondering. We tried to figure out why she wouldn’t sleep. We wondered about teething… but there was no tooth. So we gave up and forgot about the tooth. And now it’s here!

I often feel like time can play real tricks on your mind. We might have things going on parallel yet one just speeds along and the other one drags its feet. But we experience both on the same Monday…

Time can play tricks on you. And these tricks are sometimes very helpful in figuring out what you really want to focus on. What changes you need to make to get everything out of those moments that go too fast (which is in general a sign that it’s something really cool) and to better deal with the times that go too slow (meaning there are probably not that great).

But no matter how wisely you allocate your time. The anticipation of something great will never go fast – until you forget you’re waiting…

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  1. Cheri

     /  March 10, 2012

    First of all, we had a great time visiting with you guys last week. I wish we could have more of those visits. I think we have a lot in common. Although the two of us in a Joann’s store would probably be dangerous!

    I have been thinking a lot about time myself these days, for it seems to be going by too fast. As you may know, we are traveling to Hawaii with the high school band for spring break. How many times people ask me if I’m excited for Hawaii. Of course, it seems ridiculous to say that I’m not, and on some level I am. But as I look at the itinerary and see things like Senior Event Night, I am brought back to why I am not excited. I know that when that trip is through, we will be on a treadmill that will rapidly bring us to Stephanie’s graduation and eventual leaving for college. I have so thoroughly enjoyed these last
    17 1/2 years. Someone once told me that I should never wish any phase of childhood to pass, good or bad, because in all too short a time it is over. These days, I find this to be so true. I know this next phase of her life will be exciting to experience with her and with all my girls as they grow. I am extremely grateful to have had the gift of time to experience every phase.


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