Our FamilyA little bit about me, Franziska.

I’m a wife, a mom of two beautiful girls and a college professor.

I love my husband and my two girls. I love to be a wife and a mom. And I also love how being a family has changed my way of thinking in so many ways. Every choice is more intentional.  Every act is being observed and mirrored. We are serving constantly as role models. Therefore, we have committed to grow: As individuals, as a married couple, as a family. Lent is a season to grow.

I love to learn about food, try new food and cooking has a meditative effect on me. I’m a “freestyle cook” by nature. I don’t like to try fancy recipes but rather experiment with simple foods and dishes. Soups and stews are one of my favorites. I use recipes as inspiration – not anything that needs to be followed exactly. (A very different approach than that of my wonderful husband, Ken…). So if there are any recipes in this blog you are interested in trying – see them more as invitations, or, (as in Pirates of the Caribbean) more “guidelines than rules”.