First Reflections

Ken asked me today when I would write a reflective post. M y immediate answer was: “But we haven’t started yet. What should I reflect on?”

But this answer is, of course, not true. Even though we haven’t completely gone “pure food” yet, we have started. We plan, we cook, we wonder.

I wonder what this journey will do to me.

First, what it will do to me physically. What it will do to Ken and the kids. Are we going to feel better? Or, and that’s a real concern, are we going to feel just the same. We already eat pretty healthy – so what if this doesn’t make any difference? Wouldn’t that be disappointing? I truly think that would crush my spirit a little bit…

Second, spiritually. Fasting brings always new perspectives to my life. Not all are comfortable in the beginning. One aspect I have to realize very deeply every lent, is that we have a choice in almost everything we do. Starting with what we put in our mouth and how we talk to our neighbor and end with – well, I guess it only ends with death.

Third, family. We do this as a family. We make fundamental decisions not only for ourselves, or for us as a couple, but for two little girls who trust us wholeheartedly. My hope is that this puts this family even more in the center. That the focus truly must be God and family and that this journey will reemphasize just that.

I hope the reflection pieces are going to be easier to write. I assume they won’t. And they probably shouldn’t be.

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