Why We Do It

Lent is a special season. It’s a season of preparation and a time to return to a simple and reflective life. Even though lent always comes with the somewhat bitter taste of restrictions in some shape or form, it doesn’t need to be seen as a time of suffering but more as a time of opportunity.

In recent years, we always cut out alcohol and sugar for the Lenten season. And every year, we were amazed how it helped to not only cleanse our bodies but also our minds. It made us more aware of not only what we put in our mouth every day but how many daily choices we make without thinking too much about them. We even started to repeat the same fast during fall. Instead of a new challenge, it became something we started to look forward to.

At this point, we decided that we wanted to use this lent to step it up. We know that our traditional fast is not going to challenge us. We needed to use this springtime to allow our family to experience something new. Something that allows us not only to cleanse our bodies but also to grow spiritually. This is an opportunity to experience an even deeper awareness of all the choices we make.

We will see how it goes…